Step 6 – The Video Streaming Equipment You Will Need

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This Is The Fun Part!

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming PlayerNow we get to the fun part and that’s looking at the equipment you can buy. This equipment will allow you to do everything from starting your streaming television experience to tweaking it out to be something truly spectacular. Believe me there is no lack of really cool stuff that is available out there these days. Everything from Rokus’, to routers and personal video recorders are just sitting out there waiting for you to put them to good use.

We will only be covering a small portion of what is available, but everything that’s listed here will be top-rated items. The way we determine if it’s top-rated is by reading what real people have to say about any given item and if it meets our criteria of 4 stars, we then mention it here. So get ready to see some really great equipment that will increase your television viewing enjoyment.

We will be start assembling our needed equipment beginning at your homes wall where the Internet service enters. We will then put the system together from the wall to your television set and layout all the equipment in between. Let’s get started!

The cable modem and ADSL modem.

Depending on which Internet provider you decided to go with you will be getting either a cable modem or an ADSL modem. The cable modem of course will come from your cable company unless you decide to purchase one out right online. The other option is to take the one the cable company offers you and then pay rent on it or purchase it out right. The rent is usually around seven bucks a month and to buy it is generally around $75. I suggest you buy one online.

If you decided to go with your local phone company, then the ADSL modem they require will have a little bit more flexibility. The modem supplied by your phone company can either be a simple ADSL modem or an ADSL/ wireless router combination. The standard ADSL modem will also be capable of performing DHCP and routing functions, but it will not be a wireless unit. As with cable you will have the option of renting or buying these out right. My suggestion here would be to buy one online and skip paying more than you have to, unless you like the security of having the phone company replace the unit if it goes bad.

3 Highly Rated ADSL Wireless Modem/Routers.

3 Highly Rated Cable Modems.

Skip looking for a straight ADSL modem and buy a wireless unit. The difference in price isn’t enough to argue about and you will be getting a more versatile unit.

Wireless routers.

Once you leave the cable modem or ADSL modem the next piece of equipment you be looking at is a wireless router. The new wireless routers coming on the market are truly remarkable pieces of equipment and will handle almost every piece of wireless equipment you bring in the house from your cell phone, your tablets and even your laptops. If you have decided to go into ADSL/wireless router combo then you can skip over this part.

Wireless routers are fairly easy to set up following the instructions that are included with the unit. The only thing that may cause you some grief is entering your logon information. You also will want to enact a wireless security protocol for your router as well, this will keep people from hacking into your system and either using your Internet or stealing your information.

Highly Rated Broadband Routers.

You are now connected to the Internet time to make some more decisions!

Okay everything is up and running and you now have access to the Internet, or at least you should. This means it’s time to make some more decisions. Wireless routers are great pieces of equipment but, and there’s always a but, they generally leave something to be desired when it comes to streaming television wirelessly. I say this because wireless signals, being what they are, can be blocked by your homes structure or interfered with by other transmissions and quite frankly I had never been entirely satisfied using wireless to stream TV.

This frustration prompted me to hard wire my video streaming equipment directly back to the router. This means installing some Cat 5e or gigabit cable back to your router from your TV. Now don’t start to panic this isn’t as hard as it sounds and can be completed a couple of hours. The benefits of this are a stable and fast connection between your TV and the Internet. The importance of this stable connection cannot be stressed enough.

If you decide though that you want to go 100% wireless make sure that all of your equipment can talk to each other at the highest frequency, which as of this writing is 5 GHz for the newer routers. It does no good to have a router capable of 5 GHz if the other equipment can’t utilize it.

Click here to see how to install a new data cable.


How will you stream your TV?

Next up is deciding how would you like to stream your TV? These days numerous pieces of equipment are available to stream your TV and it may actually even be included as an app on your TV. Two of the most popular ways to stream your TV presently is with a Roku or one of the new blue Ray DVD players. My personal favorite though is the Roku.

Whichever piece of equipment you choose this will be the last thing required before you can start streaming TV over the Internet. Both the Roko and your DVD player can connect wirelessly or hardwired directly back to your router. So it’s a simple matter to get these set up and running.

I will give you a word of caution here about wireless DVD players. Like other pieces of equipment I have used to wirelessly stream TV I have never been completely happy with the results achieved. So you should seriously would consider going with a Roku or one of the other look-alikes.

Highly Rated Streaming Players.

Check out the video below for quick Roku overview.



As I said earlier this is the bare minimum you will need to start streaming TV over the Internet. The total cost, minus the cable installation, will be between $200 and $300 depending on the quality of the equipment you settle on. This will include your modem, router and your Roko or DVD player.

Now there are other pieces of equipment that will trick out your system and make things run whole lot nicer. These pieces of equipment are things like a personal video recorder or a TiVo for over the air broadcasts, for those items click here.

So there you have it the bare minimum that you will need to get started streaming TV. Now it’s time to head over and see how it was all put together.

On to step 7.


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