Is An Amazon TV Service In The Offing? No Comment From Amazon

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Streaming TV Marches On.

Amazon PrimeIt was reported by Bloomberg news on October 7, 2015 that is considering building its own live streaming TV service. According to this report Amazon is in preliminary discussions with NBC, CBS and ABC about acquiring their content for a live stream system. Of course from what we can tell Amazon has not commented on this story.

Why would Amazon be doing this? Quite simple the handwriting is on the wall and the cord cutters are making linear TV a thing of the past. Amazon also decided a long time ago that entertainment was going to be more of what they offer. As a matter fact their agreement to acquire Elemental Technologies will give them an avenue to provide this live streaming service right next to their Prime on demand service.

This wave of cord cutting and cord nevers is creating an opportunity that Amazon and Apple are going to try and take advantage of. Apple is presently in negotiations to receive this exact same content for their new TV service but it is progressing so slowly that they have put the launch of their service off until 2016. Amazon will have the advantage of coming in behind them as Apple blazes the trail to receive this content.

My guess is that this story will be ongoing for months as negotiations proceed, but make no mistake it is you that are making this all possible by cutting the cord and no longer accepting bundled packages that include things you don’t watch and cost you a fortune. Heck I’m 60 years old and I figured out two years ago what was going on and cut the cord then. Since that time I have transformed a $120/month cable bill for approximately $40/month and still receive practically all the programming I watched when cable and satellite were part of my life.

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To see the full Bloomberg story click the link below.

Amazon Said to Weigh Creating a Online Pay-TV Service By


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