Free On Demand Streaming Service From Verizion By 9-30-15

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Free To All!

Go90 AppWell here’s something you don’t see everyday Verizon not only offering a service for free to its customers but also to its noncustomers. That’s right Verizon’s new streaming service called Go90, which is scheduled to be released by the end of September 2015, will be offered to everybody and be supported by advertisers.

The service itself will be stream able to phones running the android and iOS systems and will offer programming such as original content, shows from the television networks as well as live sporting events. It doesn’t stop there though Verizon has added strong social element to this new service as well which will allow you to share, form fan groups and exchange messages in the form of clips based on whatever show you’re watching.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Verizon is gearing this new service towards millennial’s which have been cutting the cord with cable in record numbers. Will this new service be a hit with its new intended audience? Only time will tell but I’m guessing that the free element will appeal greatly to the millennial’s. That is until they see their data bill.

To be notified when the new app is available simply click the link below and leave your email address.

The Verizon Go90 App


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