An Overview Of The 4K Ready Roku 4 – The Future Is Here!

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Roku 4 Streaming Player

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Over the last year 4K television has begun to make great inroads into American households and not only has it made inroads the price of the televisions has also begun to decline greatly. Up until this point though there
has not been much available to watch in ultra-high definition 4K resolution, but this also is beginning to change with more programs becoming available.

If you intend to partake of 4K television then you will need devices other than the television that are capable of delivering the programming. In that vein our old friend Roku has just released their brand-new updated Roku 4 which is fully 4K compatible as well as providing you with a number of other nifty features such as voice control and a lost remote finder.

The items listed above are not the only items the new Roku has to offer though, so let’s dig in a little bit deeper and see why the latest release of this streaming player is worth your shelling out your hard-earned money. Below is a complete breakdown of all the new features that the 4 has to offer.

Roku 4 Media Player Back

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Roku 4 Details.

  • A new quad core processor has been designed in to facilitate the 60 frames per second 4K streaming.
  • Contains HDCP 2 .2 and an optical audio out port.
  • And Ethernet port is still present for those of you who want to best picture possible by hardwiring the unit to your router.
  • The units Wi-Fi has been designed for 802.11 ac MIMO to make sure that you get the best wireless connection possible and provide a bright picture whether you’re using it for 4K or 1080p.
  • The remote control contains a headphone jack, remote finder and the much wished for voice search function.
  • Did your kids hide the remote from you? Not a problem simply press the button on top of the Roku unit itself and the remote will tell you where it is.
  • If you’re looking for 4K then this Roku will provide you with more content than any other player with direct access to Amazon instant video, Vudu, YouTube, ToonGoogles, M-Go and Netflix.
    Roku 4 Controller

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  • A curated spotlight for 4K channels offers instant downloads of movies, TV shows and more.
  • The channel store has its own 4K category now to make finding your UHD programming easy.
  • This latest version will provide you with access to over 2500 streaming channels to choose from.
  • The new OS 7 operating system sports new discovery features which will provide you with more entertainment choices.
  • This latest version provides a nifty upscaling feature for 720p and 1080p to 4K when used in conjunction with a 4K TV.
  • A revamped Roku feed makes it possible for you to now follow movies, actors, directors and to receive entertainment updates automatically about pricing and availability of content.
  • A quick connect feature has been added for areas such as hotels and dorms that require login credentials to access the network.

So there you have it a full overview of what the new Roku will come to you with and that is admittedly a lot. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few problems with this unit though and it has been reported by some customers that the new internal fan is too noisy. They resolved this issue by returning the unit and having a new one sent out. Most of the other glitches that are reported will more than likely be handled in future software updates to the unit. Granted this is inconvenient but not insurmountable.

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