A New Streaming Service For Cord Cutters By HBO Coming April

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Another Viewing Option Is Added.

HBO NowIt looks like cord cutters are beginning to have an impact on the cable TV market. Why do I say that? Simply because hot on the heels of the release of the Dish Networks Sling TV we have another new streaming TV service to look forward to. The new service is HBO NOW and like Sling TV is geared towards those folks that is either cut the cord or never intend to have a cord to cut.

The HBO NOW service is planned for launch in April, but don’t get your juices salivating yet. That is of course unless you have an Apple device, since Apple has a three month exclusive on this particular service. In addition if you do sign up on an Apple device you will get a free months of service tacked on.

But not to worry after that three month exclusive is over it is expected that other providers such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google’s Chromecast wil be in the mix. The really good news is that this service will not be expensive coming in at only $15 per month with no tiered pricing expected.

So just what will the HBO NOW service bring you? Basically you will get all the same content that you can obtain on HBO Go, which is current and old shows along with live streaming of whatever HBO might be airing on television. This doesn’t mean though that you will be able to log on with your HBO Go account because the NOW service will be a completely separate item.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page for updates since I’m sure as we grow closer to the official launch there will be changes made or more information forthcoming. All I can say is keep up the good work cord cutters because cracks are beginning to show in the bundling dike and I’m sure soon enough more services will offer à la carte options. In the meantime watch the video below.




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