It’s Just A Different Way Of Viewing TV!

It’s my personal opinion that it’s going to pretty much suck to be a cable or satellite provider in the coming years. I say this because I can see that the writing is on the wall and that streaming TV is the way the future. As more folks continue to cut the cable stations like SYFY, Lifetime, History channel and others will be pushed more towards a subscription model. I mean it’s great to have all those channels on cable, but really how many of them do you watch religiously? It would be much easier to sign up for the one or two you do watch. Providers like Comcast can get with the program and start offering subscriptions to individual channels or watch other providers like Netflix and Hulu eat their lunch.

So why did I go to so much trouble to find a different way to get my TV?

Not so long ago I was like you every month a DirectTV bill showed up in the mail, maybe yours is Comcast or Dish. Now that bill only contained charges for subscribing to a middle-of-the-road package and it was costing me over $100 a month. A $100 a month for TV and that's just so I could watch the local channels and maybe a handful of others like HGTV, Lifetime, A&E channel or the History Channel. If I had wanted HBO or Showtime I would have been well over $100 and counting.

Another big reason I ditched the cable/satellite is that no matter what you hear on the news at night this economy is not getting better anytime soon and anything I can do to save some cash is welcome. In addition since my wife does all the bills around here I would constantly hear “Isn't there some way we can cut this cable bill down to size?” For the longest time my only answer to her was no, but then I started to delve into it more deeply. I'm about to share with you what I found out and how I am now getting my TV over the air for free and some of the other channels at a much lower cost.

One of the first things you'll learn once you start getting your television over the air is that there are a whole bunch of channels you didn't even know existed. You see most of your major stations are broken down to at least two sub channels with the possibility of more. What do I mean by this? Your main channel will be listed on your TV as say 7-1 and then other broadcasts from the same station are listed on 7-2, 7-3 and so on. This is not to mention other local access channels that you normally don't see on your dish or cable.

Your first question might be how far away from a station can I be before I have to stay with dish or cable. Now that's not an easy answer and it will depend on how many obstructions there are between you and the antennas utilized by your local stations. There are directional antennas though that are good for up to 120 miles, or so they say. Now if you're inside of 40 miles an omni-directional antenna will work just fine and in a lot of cases give you better quality than you had with cable/satellite.

Okay, so exactly what is that you will need to pull off this feat and save yourself some major bucks? The short list includes: the proper antenna, coax cable, an amplifier, a laptop/Roku/Boxee/Blue Ray player with Wi-Fi or networking and an Internet connection. Don’t worry we will rundown each item with you, show you the best way to put it together and then hold your hand pretty much the entire way. This isn't rocket science and just about anybody can do it, that is unless you have a fear of heights. We may have way around that for you too.

So get ready to hunker down and start learning how you to can get rid of cable/satellite and still have a good bit of what you watch now. All you will need to do is follow each step as outlined in the boxes above. We will also be showing you optional items that you may want to utilize, such as a TiVo. Yes they make a TiVo for over the air and it will cost you a grand total of $149 for the box and $15 a month for the subscription. I know more money but it will automatically handle all your recording and eliminate some of the problems I’ll discuss later on.

Oh and as we proceed I’m going to give you one helpful little tip that neither the cable company or the satellite company want you to know about. So be sure to watch out for that, since as far as I'm concerned that tip is worth its weight in gold.

Now for a little housekeeping. Throughout this website you’re going to see pictures and links to other websites. Some of these links are affiliate links and yes if you buy from them I will make a small commission. This commission has no affect on how much or how little you will pay for any given item, but this is how we pay the bills around here and provide you with great information.

Let's get going! Head back up to the boxes and click on step one.